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EasyDoc - Document Management System

EasyDoc is a program for the management and document capture, so simple and intuitive to use, yet powerful dynamic and functional, these are the characteristics for which he was honored with several awards for best software in its field.

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Document Management System


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EasyDoc a program as simple and intuitive to use as a powerful dynamic, functional, and these are the characteristics for which was
awardedseveral awards for best software in its field.
The main feature of EasyDoc to incorporate in a registration form, any type of scanned document or other digital files or from other sources, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat files and email.
In this way , can be stored in a single ballot papers also come from different sources, this card can be easily managed and shared in a centralized database.
The success of EasyDoc resulted from its adaptability and scalability, since it can be used from a single location cha whole company unlimited number of users.
In addition, operators can have a particular level of privilege for visibility or modification of data, organized by group or type of users.
EasyDoc compatible with all modern scanners on the market and also supports multi-page scanner, now very cheap, very fast through acquisitions and without page limits, in fact with a single click you can also import documents hundreds of pages in minutes!.
If you do not havemultipage scanner EasyDoc can handle single-page scanner and then the pages together in one document that will be immediately available on file, printer or be sent by email.
A kit EasyDoc there are dozens of operations that can be selected and used, and if there are special needs, the program can simply adapt to any kind of problem. In fact, you can create one or more operations from a already ready and modifying it in any section quickly and easily.
EasyDoc has a powerful search engine that allows you to search by any field of the board and with different methods of data comparison.
EasyDoc has a storage engine with no size limit, in fact, the only limit to the disk of the computer where it is installed in the case of
single-user or the management server where the database is multiuser.

If a network there is a dedicated server, EasyDoc can work, even in very quickly by simply using any network PC as a Server!.
EasyDoc has several utilities, including:
capturing and sending documents via email, printing of letterhead, Calculator, Instant Messaging and so on.
EasyDoc Document management system, literally "document management system is part of a class of software systems used to organize and facilitate collaborative creation of documents for other content.
Technically EasyDoc application that takes care of executing operations on massive documents, catalogs and indexed according to certain algorithms.
solutions EasyDoc are a set of software and hardware tools that enable the management of electronic documents produced and exchanged inside an organization.
The applications that make these products allow you to catalog, organize, send, scan and store any type of electronic document or not.

The problem of document management
Until recently it was widely believed that the presence of personal computers and the Internet on individual workstations would have favored a reduction in paper consumption. The reality has proved over the years for exactly the opposite. The resulting increase in costs and management problems related processes are then developed an increasingly felt need to succeed in some way to curb this phenomenon, with the objective to reduce the volumes of printed documents and streamline processes domestic companies.
Statistics show that

        85% of the documents is never re-used more;

        50% of the document is copied up to 6 times;

        about 7% is lost.

How much to Italian companies, the traditional management
A recent study on the digital document created by you on behalf of NetConsulting InfoCamere highlighted the costs in general, often hidden, of a traditional document management. Are printed each year in Italy about 115 billion pages, of which 19.5 billion unused, generating a cost of 287 million euro per year. In general, any paper document will be played from 9 to 11 times, generating a cost of € 18 per document. As for the archive of documents, usually a document 20 is lost. 3% of documents stored incorrectly and the cost to recover one of them was estimated at 120 €.
EasyDoc Benefits


        Reduction of space required (cubic meters per kg of paper and one DVD)

        Abatement operating costs

        Inalterabilit documents (most documents never faded, damaged or stained)

        Confidentiality (each employee will have the possibility to access only and only to certain documents with a password)

        work efficiency

Environmental(the use of electronic rather than paper, decreases drastically cutting down trees for the production of paper itself)

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